Velocity Patching

Local authorities and municipalities globally turn to Velocity to bring their roads up to standard. We repair over 500,000 potholes per year in the UK alone.

Velocity Preservation

Protect your assets with Velocity Preservation, a unique treatment that 'locks in' the condition of your roads, preventing costly deterioration.

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As the pioneers of spray injection patching, Velocity have developed the ultimate machine that has proven reliability and performance whatever the conditions.

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Every day we help our customers maintain and protect their networks, keeping roads safe and traffic moving.

Pioneers of innovative highway maintenance technology

Velocity transformed the traditional approach to highways maintenance with the development and introduction of spray-injection patching. 

Today, highway operators and maintenance contractors in the UK, Middle East, Africa, North and South America rely on Velocity to provide safe and highly efficient road repairs.

With our innovative technology and highly trained and experienced operators, Velocity make it possible to carry out far more highway repairs than traditional techniques at a significantly lower cost. Repairs that are designed to last and delivered with minimal inconvenience for road users.

That’s something customers and drivers really appreciate.

That pioneering spirit continues. We’re committed to further developing our technology and processes and investing in the training and development of our team, delivering the best possible service for our customers, today and beyond.

The original and the best, Velocity have made millions of journeys smoother and safer, with millions more to come.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you protect your assets and make your budget go further.

Bring your roads up to standard,
and keep them that way


Velocity Patching

We bring roads back up to standard with reactive and preventative maintenance using Velocity Patching, extending their useful life with the optimal economic treatment.

Velocity Preservation

Extend the life of roads that are in green or light amber condition with Velocity Preservation. This unique treatment locks in the existing condition of the asset, stretching its lifespan to 25+ years.

About Us


Velocity pioneered spray injection patching, revolutionising the maintenance of highways. That pioneering spirit remains. Every day, we further develop our technology and processes and invest in the training and development of our team, delivering the best possible service for our customers.


Collectively, we provide our customers with a service that is second to none. The combined knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm of our team is brought to life by a culture of mutual respect and collective responsibility. This means that our customers feel well looked after from the first point of contact to the reporting of work delivered.


Craftsmanship and professionalism are key attributes of our teams. Our team take pride in their work, with a commitment to quality in everything we do. Safety goes hand in hand with this commitment; the safety of road users and our employees is our number one priority.


With Velocity, there are no surprises. We work hard to build strong, supportive partnerships with our customers, founded on open communication and respect. We understand their needs and challenges, and act with the flexibility, integrity and determination to help them succeed.


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Trusted by local authorities and maintenance contractors throughout the UK, Velocity deliver over 500,000 permanent repairs per year, helping maintenance budgets go further.

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Reliable & Experienced

Dedicated to quality and safety, all of Velocity's operators follow and intensive programme leading to an NVQ in Velocity Patching. As an active contributor to industry standards, Velocity participated in the development of the sector scheme for surface treatments, NHSS 13, and the British Standard for Spay-Injection Patching, BS10947:2019.
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Customer Feedback

The service is second to none, that's why we've got them in third year on the bounce. Communication is excellent, no nonsense. There's no second guessing - what they say they do. That's not the case with all contractors, you have to check up on them. The Velocity guys are excellent.

The guys are absolute stars. I don't have to chase them or check up on them, they just get on with the job. Any issues they are straight on the phone. It makes my life so easy - they know which jobs are urgent and take care of them first. The guys are brilliant, can't praise them enough. My whole experience with them has been very good.

It's the versatility, flexibility, value for money, speed of repairs. We can make a rapid response compared to conventional. The process is very good for the environment as a cold applied process, and there's little to no waste and the costs associated with disposal, as well as the cost and time savings associated with travel. It saves us a collosal amount of money.

Whole customer focus is excellent. It's cost effective, relatively simple, big output, quick win. They always deliver, and it's all about professionalism from top to the shop floor - never been anything other than impressed. What differentiates you is the obvious professionalism, investment, quality of the kit, and the standard of people, that you don't usually associate with that kind of job. Because they're so good, you don't have to spend money man marking - that's few and far between these days.