The Most Advanced

Road Repair Machine

As the pioneers of spray injection patching, Velocity have developed the ultimate pothole repair machine.

With millions of hours of operation in the varying climates of the northern and southern hemisphere, Velocity’s pothole repair machine has proven reliability and performance whatever the conditions.

Fully self-contained, Velocity’s high performance pothole repair machine is flexible and efficient, with a capacity sufficient to carry out up to 200 repairs per day without the need for interruptions in service to reload materials.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, advanced research and development in fluid dynamics has been applied to deliver the most technically sophisticated performance, producing high quality, durable repairs every time.

Intelligent design and selection of materials increases durability, reliability and productivity, as well as overall weight reduction that increases fuel efficiency and material capacity.

Feature Packed

Having operated our own fleet for twenty years, we know how to design, manufacture and maintain the perfect pothole repair machine.

Roll over the hotspots to find out more about the features that make up the Velocity Patching machine.

Glass Reinforced Plastic Components


The composite materials used to make our hopper and toolboxes result in high durability and decreased weight allowing for a larger payload. For customers, this means less downtime caused by travelling back and forth from site when re-filling and higher fuel economy due to carrying less weight.



Our engine unit coupled with an upgraded alternator provides power to the heater bands, working lights and all other electrical components making the Velocity unit self contained. The Powerpack also provides the power to drive our delivery system and hydraulic system, making chassis integration simple and fast

Designed for easy maintenance


Our maintenance walkway allows easy access to the engine unit and emulsion tank, and also provides a step to safely inspect the capacity of the hopper.

Rear step


Lightweight and standardised components make up our rear step, and the modular design allows for fast and simple repair of any accident damage. The rear step can also be easily upgraded to act as a rear under-run protection device if necessary.

Advanced Delivery System


Extensive research and development including fluid dynamics were used to assist in the design and maximise the efficiency of our delivery system, reducing the energy required to propel aggregate and minimising waste. Velocity’s delivery system now produces far less overspill than other patching machines. With an application rate of ≥ 2m3 per hour, even the largest defects are repaired quickly and efficiently

Ergonomically Designed


Ergonomically designed under-chassis storage units for heavier equipment reduce the impact of manual handling for operators.

Easy Access Storage


With ample storage, there is a safe and secure place for all tools, materials and equipment. Highly robust and durable materials have been chosen for toolboxes and storage, designed with operator ease of use in mind. Cleverly positioned storage units maximise the space available, keeping all equipment and materials to hand.

In Control


All of the major controls and indicators for the equipment are positioned in a durable control panel at the rear of the vehicle, within the operators’ work area.

Country Roads or City Streets?

Our machines are based on hopper capacity. Whether you’re working on the narrowest lanes or the busiest city streets, we have a model designed for the job.

The following machines are available as standard:


Permanently mounted on a 7.5t chassis.

‘Baby Bear’ is our smallest machine, suitable for working in the narrowest streets.


Permanently mounted on an 18t chassis.

Capable of working in urban and rural environments, our 5m3 capacity machine holds enough material for hundreds of repairs


Permanently mounted on a 26t chassis.

Our largest capacity machine, the 7.5m3 capacity delivers a huge number of repairs without needing to return to a depot.

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