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Prevention is better than cure. Velocity are helping local authorities to extend the life of assets that are currently in a good condition with the application of ASI’s Rhinophalt, a proven preservative treatment.

First applied to SMA or thin surface course systems that are around two years from requiring maintenance, the treatment ‘locks-in’ the current green or light amber condition of the road.

Treated again of a five year cycle, the surface can be maintained for 15years without the need for costly reactive maintenance.

With our knowledge an experience of maintaining the UK’s local road network, we deliver a turn-key service for effective preservation projects. Our dedicated team manage projects from initial inspection to delivery including all elements of the supply chain.

Together with our partner ASI, the global leader in preservation, customers can be confident they are in good hands, with the knowledge that their assets are protected with a proven product.

Independently verified

The proven product for preservation

Developed by global leaders ASI, Rhinophalt was HAPAS certified following a two-year trial on the M40, the second heaviest trafficked road in England. Critical for successful preservation, the product contains Gilsonite, a natural occurring bitumen.

X-ray CT scanning on treated SMA cores has shown the porosity in the top half of the surface course is reduced by up to 35% without negatively affecting surface texture. That means that a surface course with 7% in-situ voids can be reduced to 5%, significantly slowing the ageing process.

How Rhinophalt Works

Rhinophalt is best applied around two-years before intervention is required.

It can penetrate up to 30mm on aged asphalt surfaces through micro-cracks and interconnecting voids, forming a hard seal.

Once treated, the ingress of water, salts and contaminants is reduced, resulting in fewer defects and potholes, keeping the asphalt in good condition for longer.

Minimal disruption with fast results


Installation is carried out with just one machine, usually operating at night under road closure.

Following a pre-sweep, the product is quietly sprayed on to the road surface with just one pass of the machine. No compaction of heavy equipment is required, and because the profile of the road is maintained there is no need to raise ironworks, kerb heights or thresholds.

Surface texture is maintained and grip restored with the application of a fine grit/dust.

Up to 30,000m2 can be treated per shift, with no need for aftercare or remedial works.

A rapid curing time means that line markings can be applied in the same closure window, with the road reopened for traffic comfortably in time for traffic.

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